Couponing Tips


1. Learn what coupons are “stackable.” This means that they can be used together. You should know this ahead of time so that you can plan how to check out.

2. Check out more than once. With coupons that are not stackable or have a limit, you can return to the store and buy more, using a different coupon.

3. Clip your coupons at home. If you are distracted by trying to tear out coupons or figure out which coupons are stackable, you may miss the fine print. Be well aware of the limitations and advantages before stepping into the store.

4. Apply these practices to online shopping. Keep in mind that discount/coupon codes are available through email newsletters, coupon websites, and catalogs. Try to find a coupon code before checking out of any store online and you can save 5 to 50 percent off purchase or get shipping free.

5. Multiple checkouts are extremely common with couponing. Taking the extra time to split up your purchases or return to the store will help you to save more money and trips to the store.

6. Make sure you’re getting the best deals. Just because you have a coupon, that doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to be getting the best deals. Check with other stores to see if they have the same item for a cheaper price, or see if there are Other/Generic brands that are even cheaper than the item with the coupon.